‘Injustice 2’ beta registration opens for future brawls

-text c-gray-1″ >Developer NetherRealm Studios’ games are as well known for their over-the-top action as much as their shaky online multiplayer. It looks like the team has taken the latter to heart because its upcoming DC Comics fighter Injustice 2 will have a beta test prior to releasing on May 16th. A registration form is live right this moment and will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Compared to pre-release tests for shooters, fighting game betas aren’t nearly as common. However, Street Fighter V ran one of its own. Just think of how worse it could’ve been without those early real-world tests. To catch up on the Injustice 2 story so far, check out the recent story trailer below, braniac.

Register now for the upcoming Injustice 2 Online Beta for North America!

More details coming soon.website pic.twitter.com/jpT5OEUD9b

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